What To Buy The Man With Everything

Ah, the age old question. It has been pondered by many a wife, receptionist, best friend and, dare we say, even the guilty parties themselves –

What do you get for the man who has everything?

You can get him those things he ‘really needs’ like socks, ties, cufflinks. The little bits and pieces that will finish his look and keep him geared up and ready, and feeling uber comfortable. But after that – and the time will come when you need an idea that involves a touch more creativity – you’ll move on to watches, whiskey, wine. Maybe a smart pen or two.

cars        boats        bikes

At this point you’re left stumped, and he’s left frustrated, and still… there’s no gift or gift idea.

It’s likely that at some point this man, with all his gadgets and grandeur, has a need for speed that goes beyond what is practical. Well, as practical as a sports car can be, mind you.

So to help you cross off his bucket list (or maybe your own, you lucky sod), we’ve compiled a list of the best of the best –

Boats, Bikes and Batmobiles, and where to get them .

Of course, there may be something a little more wallet-friendly or family friendly you think you should be looking at, in which case, we’d love you to contact us.